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Country Fresh Eggs is our Welsh Free Range Egg business.  We have 39,000 free range hens on our site that are housed in state-of-the-art poultry houses.  These provide the hens with a multi-level high standard of welfare, a stress-free environment in which to lay their eggs and a large scratching area within the house.  The hens are free to range outside during the daylight hours and can been seen in our fields. The feed is specially blended to our own recipe and quality controls exist to ensure that every delivery is the same consistent high quality. All our hens receive regular health checks and any medication that is needed to maintain their good health.
Packing Station We have our own Egg Packing Station with a Moba 2500 Egg Grader, which was installed 5 years ago, at the time being only the second one in the UK.  This machine loads, grades and packs in one continuous process.  Part of the process is the passing of the eggs over a “candler” where they are physically examined for defects such as cracks etc.  We operate stringent quality controls in the whole process so that only quality eggs are packed and distributed to our customers.  We operate our own deliveries five days a week in our own vans as well as supplying two major supermarket chains on a regional basis. 
Certifications: We have the following certifications: BEIC Lion Code on both the laying farm and packing station. Members of the British Free Range Egg Producers Association.
Quality Control.   There are stringent quality controls in place as well as the legislative controls that we have to  comply with.  We have an up to date HACCP in place. Our poultry houses are tested every 15 weeks for Salmonella as per the EU National Control Programme and the eggs themselves are tested every three months. We have regular audits by DEFRA Animal Health (Egg Inspector) as well as by the BEIC Lion Code Quality and Welfare Standard.
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