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Countryside Recycling is the inert material recycling operation which is operated under a permit (EPR/KB3997TQ) granted by Natural Resources Wales.  We have a fully implemented working plan in accordance with the Waste Resources Action Plan (WRAP).  Every year, 400 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste is generated in the UK and we provide a facility in South East Wales that recycles and processes inert material.  That material is screened and crushed to provide aggregate and top soil and also used to reclaim agricultural land. We can supply Type 1, 6F5, Clean Stone, Oversize Stone, Screened Soil Aggregate and Screened Fill. All screened and crushed material is regularly tested and certified as per the WRAP protocol. Inert material means waste that does not undergo any significant physical, chemical or biological transformations. It will not dissolve, burn or otherwise physically or chemically react, biodegrade or adversely affect other matter with which it comes into contact in a way likely to give rise to environmental pollution or harm to human health. The total leachability and pollutant content of the waste and the ecotoxicity of the leachate must be insignificant, and in particular not endanger the quality of surface water and/or groundwater. We undergo regular internal and external audits, including testing of water quality in the reans,  as well as periodic inspections by Natural Resources Wales.
Information and Pricing For further information on types of material and pricing, please contact: Edd Shervington 07751853612 or send an email to  Edd Shervington
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